Today’s Prompt: Fire

It was an unusually hot day that Summer, lounging on the pink sand beaches. Janine stretched, shielding her eyes from the mid-afternoon sun, and reached for the drink she had ordered, now weakened by the melted cubes of ice floating on the surface.

She froze…

There he was.  Standing no more than twenty feet from where she reclined in presumed anonymity, stood the man she had flown halfway around the world to escape.

Rising to her feet, she quickly made her way toward the surf, plunging deep beneath the waves, and staying as long as her lungs would allow.  But it was to no avail.  Even though she had not yet surfaced, she could still see his broad, tan shoulders in her mind’s eye.  She was still consumed.  There are times when even water does not put out the fire, she conceded…


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Ode to Leila

The tiny little fingers on these tiny little hands
hold my tiny faith together just like tiny rubber bands.

When I grow too tired of swimming, and I’ve drifted out to sea,
I feel her tiny eyes upon me, filled with curiosity.

She wants to see how best to handle the hard tasks that come my way,
she’ll strain to hear my distant words so she might know what she should say.

She watches from shore with bated breath as rolling waves wash over me…


I kick and stroke just that much harder and she remembers who she can be.

To my darling little girl,

May you never forget that you are magic, the keeper of wisdom, the giver of light, and the source of your own joy.