I’m Dedicated To My Craft, And I’ve Got The Waistline To Prove It

Image from Instagram (@virgietovar)

Being an author, or any sort of creative can be extremely isolating.

The best and worst part of my day begin and end sitting on my behind.  I am an author.  I’m a creator.  I’m also stationary, sedentary, and an emotional eater…  Translation?  I’m overweight, I either eat too much or not at all, and I’m counting on my next book deal to provide enough funds to hire a personal trainer.  Specifically one who will pay house calls, because… see above.

If I can’t figure out how to drive my plot forward, something light and sweet to snack on is the perfect pick me up.  If I became so immersed in one character’s tense interaction with another that I forget to eat lunch, I grab a Snicker’s bar.

I’m hungry.  Why wait?

I can sit down at my laptop bright and early in the morning, and not get up, other than to use the restroom and eat, until late in the evening if my husband doesn’t send up a flare for help with the children.  This can last for days on end.  Let’s just say that things can get truly un-sexy after a week’s worth of failed attempts to properly resolve a subplot. Trust me.

So, for those of us who have a career that involves sitting for hours on end, keep fighting the good fight.  Let’s pray for the reversal of my pancake ass.  I’ll touch and agree with you if you’re already afflicted.  Let’s hope for a direct and negative correlation between my word-count and my pants size, within healthy limits, of course. Let’s march for the cure for my spare tire…although it’s possible that marching is the actual cure.

And most importantly, take a look at these tasty treats.  There’s no way I’m going to struggle with this alone.  We’re all in this together now.  No more isolation.

Homemade Waffle